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New Haven, CT

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About Me
Joe Rapisarda is a former U.S. Army Infantry team leader and entrepreneur with a unique blend of experience in finance, Bitcoin, agriculture, and survival. Regarding finance, Mr. Rapisarda was involved in various finance and operations roles at United Technologies Corporation (UTX) from 2014 - 2018. On the blockchain front, he has a strong passion for learning and understanding technologies that empower people. Joe worked with a team of students at The University of Connecticut to develop a data marketplace called FitTrek. FitTrek has the goal of allowing anyone to collect and control their fitness data while monetizing it on the blockchain. Joe now teaches Bitcoin and Monero education through the channels adoBtion and Learn Monero.

My Hobbies / Interests
I love hiking and nature. I am currently starting a small scale urban mushroom farm where I grow culinary mushrooms and sell to local chefs and at farmers markets.
I have a kayak and enjoy the water.

What my project FitTrek needs next. Want to help?
I'll be very straight forward with where the product stands and what is needed next for development.
I currently teach Bitcoin and Monero education while maintaining the FitTrek project. I am in need of developers and investors who share my vision of a future where a marketplace exists for data sales that are inclusive of everyone who creates said data. Data is an extension of the creator, therefor it is an extension of us. Its value makes data an asset.

Here are some details about FitTrek:
1. We are using the Monero blockchain the develop on.
2. The Tari protocol is of interest to integrate into the platform.
3. IPFS is of interest in use of storage

FitTrek needs the following:
1. Blockchain devs (Monero blockchain)
2. Funding (open to conversation)
3. Expert advisors in the following areas (data brokers, data monetization, Non-fungible tokens, databases, IPFS)
4. Love (as all projects do, ours needs others who see our vision and want to join our mission!)

Contact / Learn More
Learn more about Joe by visiting josephrapisarda.io
Learn more about FitTrek by visiting FitTrek.io
Learn Bitcoin by visiting adoBtion.io
Learn Monero at LearnMonero.com
Email joe for funding or advisory services at j_rapisarda@protonmail.com

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Thursday, September 24

8:30am MDT

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